Executive Search


We place technology leaders at the C-level as well as direct reports. Leaders bring a critical blend of technical acumen, communication, and team-building skills, as well as a deep understanding of how technology impacts today’s digital businesses. Importantly, with a professional network developed over the past 30 years, CIO Search Group is able to present a diverse slate of candidates on every engagement.


The rush to embrace digital business models and data-driven innovation has profoundly changed the role of Technology Officers from an operationally driven technology fortress to a vital position at the center of enormous digital transformation. Technology Officers are increasingly viewed as business leaders who not only understand technology but can articulate a wider vision designed to exploit data and grow the business. CIO Search Group recruits the following digital roles:

Role Definitions

Chief Information Officer

CIOs no longer purely focus on the operational aspects of IT. The speed in which digital transformation has changed businesses has transformed the position into that of a strategic leader. This constantly evolving role blends responsibilities ranging from technical expertise to the ability to articulate digital business strategies to the C-Suite and successfully executing on that vision.

Chief Information Security Officer

The rapid growth of cyberattacks such as ransomware and DDoS attacks, along with the increasing risk of data breaches, has driven strong demand for security professionals. CISOs draw from a diverse background that balances communication skills, risk, compliance, and cyber expertise.

Chief Technology Officer

Given our decades of experience we’ve seen the role of CTO evolve from being an individual contributor and visionary strategist—and at times the head of infrastructure—to today’s role, which best be titled Chief Technology and Product Officer. This leader needs to balance technical acumen and product management skills, given that development must include customer experience requirements.

Application Development

This diverse role is at the forefront of digital business trends, often using agile practices to build customer-facing and mobile solutions vital to business success. They understand and effectively implement cloud-based software as a service and work closely with business partners to create customer-focused solutions.

Infrastructure and Operations

Companies today rely not only on internal data centers and networks, but also on cloud-based services, a shakeup that has changed this role. Operations leaders are increasingly adding cloud and DevOps-driven skills such as vendor management and orchestration to their already deep resume of tactical technology skills.

Vice President of Engineering/Software Development

Companies experiencing rapid growth need engineering executives with world-class leadership skills that combine mentoring, communication, and cross-functional capabilities, in addition to experience with end-to-end software development. We are asked to assess development leaders as their teams grow from 20 to 75 then to 200 or more.